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We are a group of volunteers , friends and parents of patients of one of the rare storage diseases , we established a society for those diseases :-

1- Mucopolysacharidosis ( mps )
2- Gaucher disease
3- Pompe disease

As these disease have support and treatment that is not available in our country ( jordan ) , and it dose exist in large extent , and as we count about 100 patients of storage diseases and as there is no association or any other organization that support the patients, and as patients of these diseases are not included under the health insurance services in Jordan or in the most of middle east countries. We established this society to provide the best medical service for them and to provide the needed treatment , thus we need your support and the countries of the civilized word , so we hope .
We seek your maximum support to provide a treatment to the patients in free living prices until we include those patients under the health insurance services , as we did not stop seeking and will not .

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